I can’t believe it’s been a year since my very first post! Time has truly flown by! I’m pretty excited about Memphis Fashion Week (started yesterday) and I can’t help but think back to my first experience with MFW LAST March and the Solange-inspired outfit I wore. Ah, memories.  Under normal circumstances I would be prepping MFW posts and/or writing and snapping pics for a 1 year ‘Blog-iversary’ celebration (complete with balloons, fancy cupcakes,and a tulle skirt). Unfortunately, the opposite is happening.  I’m sure you’ve noticed the little unplanned hiatus I’ve taken.  Partially because life has had me busy with it’s ups and downs, and partially because I’m a southern girl who has NOT been equipped to battle the harsh, disrespectful wind gusts of winter and/or the arctic temperatures that have brought sleet and snow just to get that perfect shot of an outfit.  Well, spring is upon us, and I’ve had lots of time (and snow days) to think about the direction of this blog.  I’ve concluded that I just haven’t had the time to devote to ATQ like I had hoped with a full-time life (career and otherwise).  It’s been a great year of meeting new folks, mingling with fellow bloggers, and I even had a chance to meet 2 followers in person (the greatest thing EVER)!!!!! Since, I’ve had to come to grips with the fact that this is a hobby, and although I would love for it to be more, there just isn’t enough time in my day right now.  With that said, I must bid you adieu.  But, you won’t be getting rid of me that easily though!  I’ll still be gracing IG with my ATQ presence and maybe I’ll post sporadically, but other than that, ATQ is going to rest for a while.  When I launched this blog, I was looking to fill a void, and I’m so glad I took the leap.  It was fun while it lasted.  I’ll forever love style/fashion, especially being in front of a camera as I still think I can be discovered at the tender age of 30-something (insert ‘don’t judge me’ smirk here).  My hope is that someone actually used a ATQ style tip or two and managed to see that true style doesn’t have to involve breaking the bank.  If so, then my mission was accomplished and my blogging is/was not in vain.  Your support this year was amazing! Peace, love, and style!

Graphic Tee Blazer ATQ-6Always, yours in stilettos,According-To-Q

Lost Files | Caped + Gray

Do you remember when I was super excited about The Scandal for The Limited collection?  I was in the dressing room trying on those infamous wrap coats that supposedly mimicked what Ms. Pope wore on the show and that killer tulip hem dress. It was fun! Okay, how about when I posted this picture of me in “the cape” on IG?  Remember that? Well, I have a confession…I initially had zero interest in this cape!  I was asked about the fit and tried it on so that I can give one of my IG followers the info.  It’s chicness was a pleasant surprise, and although I was totally unsure about what I would do with it/wear with it/where I would wear it to, I purchased it.  I chose to take it for a spin on a casual Sunday for dinner with the family.  I know the holidays are gone, but I said these were LOST FILES, so bear with me and the background.  Wink.

According To Q - Caped-2Since I loved it so much when I tried it on, I decided to stick with the same style game plan – a white button up and jeans.  This time, I went with gray everything.  It wasn’t quite cold enough for the gloves like it was the day before.  Memphis weather.  Sigh.  But, this cape and those gloves just go together like Anna Wintour and Vogue.  Sidenote: I’m really loving monochromatic looks lately.  You?

According To Q - CapedThe Starting Lineup ~ Cape: The Limited (now on MEGAsale!) | Gloves: The Limited |White Shirt: J. Crew | Jeans: Citizens of Humanity | Pumps: Carlos Santana (super old) | Lip Color: NYX ‘Prague’

According To Q - Caped-3 According To Q - Caped-4Photos: MJ Photography

According to Q, capes are very ‘of the moment’, but have been around for quite some time.  Finding one in a neutral, like gray, camel, or black, can quickly become a closet staple for many winters .  I definitely plan on getting more use out of mine before spring comes.

Yours in stilettos,According-To-Q