Championships and Playoffs with Style

The NCAA men’s basketball championship wrapped up last night! The NCAA women’s championship is tonight! The NBA playoffs are right around the corner (Go Grizz!), and before we know it, the NFL will be taking over our Sunday and Monday nights.

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I was rooting for Kentucky (some Memphians will probably hate that, HA!), but certainly didn’t mind Coach Ollie and the UConn Huskies taking the title.  Coach Ollie is the 3rd African-American man in NCAA history to win the top honor in college basketball.  The UConn ladies are my pick for tonight, but it doesn’t matter who your team or sport is, let’s talk about how you can represent in style.  So, you could care less about any sport or team???  I can bet your significant other does!  Why not earn a few boo points by supporting his team and be cute while doing so?!  Team gear for women has come a long way from track suits and jerseys. Oversized t-shirts are a thing of the past, too. My point: there are a plethora of ways to show team spirit without sacrificing your style. Here are a few examples with my favorite teams…



Grab your favorite team’s tee, skinny jeans, sneakers (wedge sneakers are my current obsession), and a utility jacket to complete the look.  I can cheer on my Tigers, and be cute and comfortable at the same time.





You don’t do sneakers, but you’re not going to strut through the arena in stilettos. Flats and simple chic are your thing. Grab your favorite team’s tee, add a cardigan, boyfriend jeans, and flats! You’ll be cute as ever if they show you on the jumbotron.  Complete the look with a cross body bag to keep the style going while holding all of the essentials.

DSC01222   DSC01224   DSC01228

Grizz tee by my buddy, Divine Prodigy.  Contact him here.


You can’t concentrate in flats and wouldn’t be caught dead in sneakers outside of the gym. So, start with your team tee, skinny jeans, and most comfortable pair of heels (as if!). Throw on a cute blazer, grab a clutch, and BOOM!

DSC01238   DSC01237   DSC01246



According to Q, women can love sports and be stylish too!

Grab your favorite team tee in a girly fit and accessorize according to your personal style.

Which lady are you? Who’s your team?

Thanks for stopping by!

Yours in Stilettos,

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