Lottery Picks: The Embellished Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts have always been around as a quiet presence in gyms and on lazy days.   I’m sure you have one representing your high school, college, and/or your favorite sports team.  Well, gone are the days where the traditional Jockey brand fleece sweatshirt from the men’s department is our only choice.  Now, sweatshirts are screaming hello with jewel embellishments and graphics that are feminine, girly, and a far cry from the basic University of _______ (fill in the blank) athletic font.  I’ve been adding to my collection with each season that passes, and this fall is no different.  I’m loving the embellished trend, and I truly hope it’s here to stay.

Whether you need a work outfit to cure the Monday blues or a quick GNO ensemble, these new sweatshirts are great for any style personality.  Need style ideas?  I think these are fabulous!

embellished-sweatshirt-According To Q

The fabulous Atlantic-Pacific

embellished sweatshirt ATQEmbellished for the office (with a longer skirt, of course!)

embellished sweatshir ATQ2Casually embellishedembellished-sweatshirt-According To Q

Layered and embellished.  LOVE!

 Images: Pinterest

According to Q, embellished and graphic sweatshirts can be used as an easy, effortlessly chic go-to outfit starter for fall and winter.  Add closet MVP boyfriend jeans, a pencil skirt, or pleather (leather if that’s your preference) leggings with a chunky necklace, and pumps to finish the look.  You’ll be warm and super chic for any occasion.

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