Shoe Game of the Week | Gucci ‘Brooke’ vs. Jessica Simpson ‘LaFay’

What’s fall without a bootie??  Especially a sleek, black leather, pointed toe one.  With a heel.  I know, I know!  A black bootie is the answer to all wardrobe dilemmas: casual chic with jeans and a blazer, girly and feminine with flirty skirts and dresses.  The black leather bootie is the Gabby Douglas (best all-around) for fall footwear.  So, if you’re thinking of adding this fabulous option to your shoe wardrobe, check these out: Gucci ‘Brooke’ bootie vs. Jessica Simpson ‘LaFay’ bootie.  The heel of ‘Brooke’ is slightly higher and the shaft is a little lower, but with ‘LaFay’ you get a great stand-in for ‘Brooke’ that is just as sleek and fabulous.

The Look for Less
In this battle of high vs. low, who’s your winner?  Brooke vs. LaFay


Yours in stilettos,



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