Around Town: The Cheryl Pesce Trunk Show

While getting my Phillip Ashley chocolate fix this weekend, I also had the pleasure of meeting a local jewelry designer, Ms. Cheryl Pesce.  I was super excited to be up close and personal with her and survey more of her awesome work.  Her aesthetic revolves around natural stones, metalsmithing, and taking jewelry one step beyond.  I’ve seen her work around town once or twice, but haven’t had the opportunity to be this close…until now.   Instead of trying to put it into words, I’d rather show you.  According To Q - Cheryl Pesce According To Q - Cheryl Pesce-1 According To Q - Cheryl Pesce-2 According To Q - Cheryl Pesce-3 You can find Cheryl Pesce in 20Twelve boutique on Broad in Memphis, but you can also check out her FB page for more pictures and contact information.  Her jewelry is sweet and her spirit was even sweeter.  I’m a fan, and I definitely have my eye on a few more pieces.  The price point is worth the splurge for true, handmade (and some one-of-a-kind) pieces made right here in the bluff city.  According To Q - Cheryl Pesce-4It was a pleasure, Ms. Pesce.  I’ll look forward to more lovely jewelry encounters with you.

Yours in stilettos, According-To-Q


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