Style Goals 2017

While we’re all prepping for this new year and making those spiritual goals, financial goals, health goals, relationship goals, travel goals, etc., why not add a few style goals to the mix?  Haven’t thought about it? Well, now is the perfect time (after we overhaul those closets) to start thinking about how we’ll fashionably challenge ourselves in 2017.

Here are a few of mine:

Become a mixed print master


I’ve dabbled with stripes and other prints like leopard, plaid, and polka dots, but I consider those combinations to be somewhat “safe” in the mixed print world.  I really want to explore mixing with other patterns.  I know I’d have to completely abandon my style comfort zone, which is YIKES! We’ll see how it goes.

Thrift & Consign

I must admit, last year I was in consignment stores to sell my items more than I was to shop.  Truth be told, consignment and thrift stores have some real gems, if you have the time to look for them.  The thought of taking something and giving it new life ignites a mini-fire in my little style soul.  We have some great thrift and consignment shops in Memphis, and this year I want to intentionally visit them more to shop and challenge myself to make some magic at a fraction of the retail cost.

Be bolder with accessories 

I love a good statement necklace and a killer shoe, but sometimes I think I still play it safe. I don’t want to go Iris Apfel (only she can pull off such awesomeness), but I think I can play a little more in the accessory world. I’m thinking:  layering necklaces,  adding some rings into the mix (I have quite a few that I rarely wear, but don’t want to let go), and experimenting with belts to snatch this waist and add a little umph. 

Play with color


I love black! I also love color, but I usually use color to pop against black and as an accent in the form of jewelry, handbags, etc.  This year I want to do much more with color sans black.  I’m thinking more monochromatic looks and experimenting with more than one color in an outfit.  This one shouldn’t be too hard.

According to Q, making a few style goals can breathe new life into your wardrobe and rescue you from a style rut.  Thinking intentionally about some ways we want to play with our closets will catapult us into new comfort zones.  It makes us have a little more fun with fashion while staying true to our style philosophies.

Let’s chat! What are your style goals for 2017?


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