Spring Break 2017: Road Trip Essentials

As a busy, working mom, spring break in my home equals a trip of some kind.  Me and mine usually jet off somewhere…straight to the beach. Do not pass go and we don’t really care about collecting the $200.  We just want to soak up as much sun and have as much fun as possible.  

This year, prices to the tropical getaway we wanted were insane so we decided to do something a little different and head down I-55 towards my second home…NOLA!!!! My luvbug has only been once for a basketball tournament, so I wanted to give him a personal tour of one of my favorite places before getting in a little beach time.  When we head out, there are a few things we NEED to bring along with us for the car ride. 

Our spring break essentials:

  • Moist Towelettes of varying kinds – Wet Ones. Clorox. Sanitizer wipes are easier to use (& less messy) than actual sanitizer. Cottonelle towelettes for those times when you MUST stop and go. Can’t leave home without any of these. 
  • Snacks – I like mixed nuts and granola bars. He likes chips and applesauce. We add a little fruit to the mix, too. Whatever you like, make sure you pack enough to keep the stops minimal. Don’t forget the water & Gatorade (or juice punches for the little ones). 
  • Bomb Playlist with earbuds/headphones – kid/tween friendly songs are always great for those road trip sing-a-longs, and having earbuds or headphones for those moments of individual music selections is a must! My luvbug is NOT a fan of Beyonce’ & I’m NOT a fan of today’s jibberish they call music, so this works well for us. 
  • Large Tote (for mom) to be the keeper of all of the things, including iPad or magazine for reading, note pad, dope sunnies, lip balm, lotion, etc.
  • Car Charger/Extra Battery Pak – If you don’t have one, you know why it’s a tragedy.  If you keep one, you know how much this saves lives and nerves.


First Aid Kit – Whether you buy one or create one, every road trip needs a little ibuprofen, band aid, neosporin, kleenex, and benadryl for those just in case-accidents do happen-always be prepared kind of moments. And don’t forget regular meds, if applicable.

Travel Pillow & Blanket – I’m cold all the time and he’s a little hot box, so a little blanket and pillow keeps everybody comfortable. Plus, depending on how long the road trip is, you might have time for a little nap. 

Entertainment – My luvbug is old enough to entertain himself with games on his phone or a magazine. If you have little ones, be sure to bring some coloring books, regular books to read, iPad with learning games, etc. Anything to avoid the “are we there yet?” conversation. 

Road trip driving attire for me is usually leggings, tee, and sneakers.  Comfort is key, right? I’m packing a capsule wardrobe of basics that I can mix and mingle the entire trip. Let’s see how this goes!

According to Q, spring break is supposed to fun and doesn’t have to be a hassle. A road trip can be successful with a little preparation. Make a list ahead a time so you can stay on top of it! 

Cheers to making Spring Break memories and unforgettable road trips! 




  1. Tracee Rainey
    March 16, 2017 / 2:34 pm

    I’m on the same page, our different opted for Colorado Springs this year. It’s a road trip and Acccording to Q, I passed the test- packed just as this article suggests and so far so good! Thanks for the great reads Q!

    • Quaneshia
      March 16, 2017 / 5:38 pm


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