Spring Break 2017 Recap

Spring Break 2017 has come and gone! As I shared in this post, we took a detour from our usual tropical getaway and took a road trip to New Orleans for Spring Break. My luvbug got to see some of the city that I love so much, and we had lots of fun.

When planning a trip to another city, Groupon has been my BFF. I searched things to do in New Orleans and looked for teen friendly options.  From the hotel stay to the Pelicans game, Groupon delivered a good time at a fraction of the cost. For example, in the beautiful City Park, we were able to get $39 worth of bike or pedal boat rental time for $17.99. They had a variety of bikes & boats, and we chose the suped up go cart bike. One of the boys chose the tricycle version. The weather was lovely, the scenery was beautiful, and we raced until the adults got tired. I cruised to Snoop’s Gin & Juice when they left me behind. LOL. I’m serious. It was on Snapchat.  You know I’m always looking for a good deal and these didn’t disappoint. 

Day 1: 

Breakfast at The Ruby Slipper where the cinnamon swirl pancakes (my luvbug’s choice) were delicious!

Swamp Tour

Gator Trap

C-Ray the Craw/Crayfish

Meet D-Bo the Wild Boar

Fun at City Park 

Day 2: 

Exploring NOLA 

Of course Beignets were a MUST!

Pelicans vs Rockets game (no pics)

Day 3: Beach Day at ship Island 

We love the beach, and Spring Break just isn’t complete with it! After spending a couple of fun days in NOLA, we made a pit stop in Biloxi before heading home. We spent the day on the beach at Ship Island and got our sun and sand fix. The boys played frisbee, football, and ocean tag (whatever that is) while the adults chatted and chillaxed. Ahhhh.

According to Q, you can plan a budget-friendly and FUN getaway with a little research and preparation. Groupon is a great way to experience another city without breaking the bank. Saving money while having fun is always in style.

Cheers to making memories and Spring Break 2017!

By the way, this is NOT a sponsored post. But hey Groupon, if you’re looking, we can make it happen!



  1. Kenneth "Kool-Aid" Scott
    March 20, 2017 / 4:16 pm

    Amazing how much there is to do in a city you practically lived in but never thought about doing until later in life. I didn’t go to the Audubon Zoo until years after leaving DU but wished I had after finally visiting. Great trip recap Q!

    • Quaneshia
      March 20, 2017 / 4:54 pm

      I was thinking the same thing! We had so much fun! I wish we had time to go to the aquarium but we didn’t. We did a scavenger hunt in the French quarter. I learned so much that I didn’t know.

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