Maternity Style Inspiration

Photography :: Kim Thomas

When I first found out I was expecting, I started searching for style inspiration immediately.  It’s been a long time since my first pregnancy, and my style has evolved by leaps and bounds…THANK HEAVENS!!!!  With a December due date, I’ll be preggo all summer & through the fall and some of the winter as well.  YAY ME!  The one celeb whose pregnancy style I truly loved is Chrissy Teagen.  Zoe Saldana had some really chic pregnancy looks, too.  I already know that I’ll stick closely to my current style aesthetic…jeans, tees, blazers, kimonos.  You didn’t think I was getting rid of the kimonos, did you???  I foresee lots of black/neutrals, flowy dresses (that hopefully don’t make me look like a tent), and off the shoulder pieces that I’m really loving for summer.  I think the fall might be a little tricky with the layering and thicker fabrics, but I know I’ll be going for an easy, comfortable chic with hints of fab kind of vibe.  Like these…

All images obtained via Pinterest

According to Q, maternity style can be just as fab as everyday style.  I plan to build a basic pregnancy wardrobe that is reflects my personality and won’t break the bank.  This should be fun!

Cheers to baby bumps that have style!



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