40 Club!

This week I’ll become the newest member of the Elite 40 club!! Yep, I’m turning the BIG 4-0! I used to think this was a scary milestone.  You know, the dreaded 40.  Folks made it seem like seeing the 4th decade of life was the beginning of the end.  Well, me and a slew of my friends have hit/are hitting the milestone this year, and we are embracing every moment!  So this week, it’s all about me!

Let’s start with my wish list.  Or shall I say my wish lists.  I have two.  I made the first list before ladybug made her appearance.  The other is my current wish list for my post-ladybug reality.  Because…priorities.

1. A Chanel Bag & Brooch were always going to be my 40th birthday present to myself.  I’ve strategically waited to purchase these classic pieces until I felt like I “deserved” them.  You know what I mean?  I wanted to be in a certain place in life, and not to mention in a place where I could actually afford to make such an investment purchase.  I’m here/there, but ur’uhh I have other things to do at the moment.  Although on hold for now, I’m definitely revisiting this.  Maybe a push/christmas gift to myself.  Insert thinking emoji.

2.  Adding to my Yurman collection is definitely on the list, and actually in the works.  My birthstone is the peridot, so this one was a must.

3.  Upgrading my Macbook was also on the list.  I’ve had mine for a good while now and that rose gold color is looking really pretty.  I’ll definitely revisit this one soon.

4.  Last but not least, the Apple Watch.  So I’ve been interested but not interested in this since it hit the scene.  Everyone I know who has one says they love it, but I’m just now at the point where I’m thinking I might want to drink the kool-aid.   I’m definitely testing this one out this week.

On to the post-ladybug wish list…

1. The Apple Watch has made it’s way onto this list.  I’m thinking it will a great tool once ladybug is born and I’m trying to get my snatchback, scheduling, multi-tasking, and other things together.  But let’s keep it real, you know the snatchback is important.

2.Upgrade to an SUV, specifically the Infiniti QX60.  I’ve been eyeing this since ladybug was around 16 weeks.  Adding a car seat to my little Volvo with my luvbug and his buddies is just not happening.  So this is definitely on it’s way to becoming reality.

3.  Paint! Paint! Paint!  I’ve been putting this off for forever, and now with a new arrival and nursery to decorate, let’s just get the whole house done.  And while I’m at it, let’s refresh the living room, master bed and bath, and give my luvbug’s room a whole new high school look as well.

4.  The Chanel bag may be on hold, but a stylish baby bag is a MUST! Need I say more???

5.  Babymoon to somewhere tropical before I can’t go anymore.  We’ll see about this one as time is moving VERY fast! I’ll be 23 weeks (almost 6 months) this week. Insert stress face emoji.


My, my how the lists changed, in the best way possible.  I’m excited about this new adventure of 40, and the whole 40 & pregnant journey just adds more adventure to the adventure.  40 coming in T minus 18 hours.

Cheers to all that a new year brings! 40 here I come!




  1. Chizeta Macklin (Yvette)
    August 14, 2017 / 7:54 pm

    You deserve everything your heart desires. You’ve earned it and paved the way for yourself. So go ahead and treat the hard work and dedication that you have worked for. As far as forty is concerned you are just getting wiser. Happy early Birthday and blessings to you and the new bundle of joy on the way.šŸ¤—

    • Quaneshia
      August 14, 2017 / 8:55 pm

      Thank you for those very kind words!!! šŸ˜Š

  2. Tracee Rainey
    August 15, 2017 / 7:17 am

    We’ve changed the face of 40 honey, so come on in!!! Wishlist 2 is still fabulous with true grown woman goals! With ladybug on the scene the turn up is different at 40 but I’m sure still fun none the less, just had this experience last year! You are living your best life now so enjoy!

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