Truth Moment: Pregnancy Woes

I’ve been a little MIA lately. I know. Forgive me. Im headed into my third trimester, and to be honest, I’ve been in a bit of a style rut. I’ve found myself wearing the same things over and over and thinking, how do these other preggo Blogger chics keep up with content as their bump grows??? Not comparing myself, but don’t want the blog to be boring nor do I want you to be bored with the same old, same old.  

Pregnancy style should be interesting and fun, but I just haven’t felt either lately. My problem = my feet. They’ve spread like pancakes overnight it seems and NONE. OF. MY. SHOES. FIT. Frustration is an understatement. I’ll have an outfit in my head and then go to grab the shoes, and…face palm. I tried putting on a pair of my favorite Louboutins and almost twisted my ankle. No seriously. It’s like Cinderella’s stepsister who couldn’t finagle her foot into the glass slipper.  Or better yet, remember Kim K’s feet in the lucite sandals trying to make it work?? All puffy and swollen for the sake of a look (here’s a reminder). Po thang. If I forced it, that would be me! As a result, I’ve had to buy shoes strictly for comfort. Insert eyeroll. It got real for a moment, and I hit an all time low…I actually went into a Crocs store!!! I know, gasp!!!! Couldn’t bring myself to buy anything, but the mere fact that I was/am that desperate makes me feel some type of way. I know I’m pregnant and it’s temporary.  But still. Le sigh. 

Again, I’m not sure how some ladies strut around in stilettos at the end of pregnancy, and as a result, I’ve had to rethink my whole baby shower ensemble. I still have a few pairs that I can tolerate for a short time, but flip flops have definitely been in tow.  I’m truly a believer that shoes can make or break an outfit, and I’m praying really hard that my feet go back to normal.  Talk about having a fire shoe sale!! I don’t even want to think about having to go there, so can everyone stretch your hands in Memphis’ direction so we can touch and agree that Sasquatch will come take his feet back once ladybug arrives, and all will be right with the world. K? Thanks. 

So that’s it! Nothing major. I’ve just been getting ready for ladybug’s arrival while I try to figure out my whole wardrobe situation at 7 months pregnant and how I’ll usher in some fall style. I’ve had my moment and now I’m over it. Kind of. Let’s see what’s next, shall we?

Photography :: Kim Thomas

Top : Ann Taylor Maternity | Jacket : Target | Chambray Panta : Gap Maternity | Bag : Zara | Wedges : Lucky Brand (via Dillard’s) 


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