It’s White Tee & Blazer Season!!


Hip hip hooray!! The white tee and blazer is hands down my favorite outfit. It’s a uniform of sorts. When I can’t find anything else to wear, or when I need a quick, chic outfit, the blazer & white tee (or black or gray tee) never let me down. It’s perfect for spring when there’s still a little chill in the air, but you don’t need a heavy coat.  You can pair it with a pencil skirt or pants for the office. With denim for a GNO. With a flirty skirt for date night. With Joggers and cool sneakers for a casual brunch. The possibilities are truly endless here! I love to pair this combo with heels mostly, a cool clutch or bag, and statement jewelry. Depending on the blazer, sometimes the tee is all you need. Of course you can add a brooch, but sometimes I take a tip from the fellas and add a lapel flower.

This whole look was inspired by THIS PHOTO of  Jennifer Lawrence. When I saw her in InStyle magazine, I knew I wanted to recreate this super easy look, and guess what?? I shopped my closet for everything!!! I already had the blazer (a $13 steal from Target) as plaid blazers have been trending since the fall. I wore this to a casual dinner meet up with some other bloggers, and it was perfect. Simple and chic & all I needed for chatting over tacos.

Photography :: Kim Thomas

Blazer : Target | Jeans : Gap | Pumps : Valentino | Bag : R. Minkoff

According to Q, the blazer and white tee WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN!! Whether solid or printed, fancy or casual, this combo makes a stylish statement no matter the occasion!

Cheers to outfits that keep us stylish without the fuss!

Here are a few cool blazers I’ve been eyeing lately!


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