Fit to Be Tied


I know I talk about being WonderWoman a lot!  Y’all, I really low key think I am sometimes.  I have the life and lots of paraphernalia to prove it.  I’m a working mom of a teen and an infant, in a loving relationship, a part-time blogger, book club member, basketball mom, friend, sister, and daughter.  And on top of all of this, I try to eat right and exercise a few times a week, which is a task sometimes.  Sounds like a lot, but I truly think we can have it all.  And be genuinely happy.  But sometimes the daily rigor can take its toll and even wonder woman needs a little boost every now and again.  This particular day, there was a little chill in the air, and I wasn’t feeling it.  Even though I felt like I was getting enough rest (even with an infant), I hadn’t had a lot of energy for a few weeks, I was behind at work, and my house was a mess.  Mama was just plain old tired.  I was home alone and would’ve been perfectly fine with lying in bed all day and doing nothing.  That is until I had to pick up the kiddos and get dinner started.  Ughhhhh.  As they sayI was fit to be tied.


So, what do you do when that happens?? Our favorite diva Elizabeth Taylor said, “Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.”  Well, that’s exactly what I did.  I played in a little makeup (gave myself a really amateur green smoky eye), put on my favorite red lip, and I had been dying to wear this bow tie pin, so I got real cute!  It was just another Wednesday, so I thought why not.  I had a meeting and I was scheduled to get a pedicure that I almost canceled.  I made it to both, but I also made a doctor’s appointment.  You see, I was trying to decipher if this was that “newborn mom” tired catching up with me or if there were other things causing the fatigue.    As a nurse practitioner, I know that there are a plethora of possible reasons: low vitamin and mineral levels, thyroid problems, dehydration, etc.  My iron was low during pregnancy so I thought that was it.  I just know I was on a mission to figure this out, because I had things to do and be and TIRED just isn’t on the list.


We’ll often overlook being tired and try to keep pushing.  BUT MA’AM (and sirs), I’m here to tell you NO!!! Find out the root of the problem and fix it! No one is out here getting awards for always being tired.  I found out my iron levels were on the low end of normal and my vitamin D was low, which is very common among African-Americans because of our poppin’ melanin.  I’m now taking the supplements and can tell a difference.  I said all of this to say, when you’re feeling it, don’t ignore it.  Go get your ISH checked ladies and gentlemen.   We can’t be our best selves if we don’t take care of ourselves, especially on a cellular/molecular level, right? Right.

Trench-Vest-Denim-3Photography :: Kim Thomas

Bowtie : Gucci | Button Up : Banana Republic Factory (the tailored fit is AMAZING) | Denim : Gap | Vest : Target (old) | Pumps : Jessica Simpson | Bag : Kate Spade

According to Q, we can’t be all cute on the outside when our insides are messed up (that’s a word that can be applied to us spiritually, mentally, and physically)! A yearly annual exam is a MUST, but definitely make that appointment if you feel like something is wrong.  Most times, it usually is.  And you can be just as fabulous on the inside as you are on the outside.

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  1. Belinda
    May 21, 2018 / 11:43 am

    If this is not the truth…. I stay with low iron and vitamin D. I have a bowtie (pink/green of course), I’m trying to get up the courage to wear it. Thanks for the inspo.

    • Quaneshia
      May 21, 2018 / 12:12 pm

      Go for it!!! I’ll excuse the pink and green! Lol

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