The Lash Life


Skincare, haircare, makeup, toiletries…the 84 billion dollar beauty industry takes up quite a bit of a woman’s thoughts and time.  Men have sports.  We have all things beauty.  Unless you’re like me, and love them both.  At any rate, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m a super advocate of all things self care and women feeling beautiful and confident. We can never go wrong when we enhance our naturally beauty (both in and out…see THIS POST about enhancing your inner beauty).  There is one way that I’ve indulged in lately that makes me wonder how I’ve ever lived before.  Lash extensions.  Yep, I’ve been living the lash life since July, and I may never go back to my regular lashes. Ok, never is a stretch, but you get what I mean.


Although the world of lashes has sprung up over the past few years, I only started getting my extensions in July, before my Thailand trip.  My vacay makeup is super simple and I thought last extensions would be perfect as they would take away the need for mascara.  One less thing to do, and now I wonder why I hadn’t indulged sooner.  My natural lashes are a pretty nice length but lash extensions take my eyes to another dimension without all of the fuss.   Lexis at Esthetiques gave me my first Lash Life experience and has been my lash stylist ever since.  Y’all, I’ve fallen completely in love.  I’ve had strip lashes before, and I’m not a huge fan.  They take way too much time to put on (for us amateurs) and I’m definitely not about that batwing life.  These are more natural looking and very low maintenance.  Not to mention, they brighten your eyes and take your flirt game to a whole new level!

Lash-Extensions-Esthetiques-Skin-Spa-25Photos :: Kim Thomas

According to Q, if you are looking for one little thing to add a some umph to your face, eyelash extensions are the way to go.  Let Lexis at Esthetiques Skin Spa give you a sweet taste of the lash life.  I promise once you start, you’ll never want to go back!

Esthetiques Skin Spa is a local gem nestled in the East Memphis area and offers some amazing beauty services such as eyelash extensions, waxing, facials, and body treatments.  Visit WWW.MEMPHISSKIN.COM and call 901.761.5741 to make an appointment.

Cheers to enhancing natural beauty and lashes you can bat for days!


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