Sexy Mama

Moms (and women in general) are always on the chopping block for one reason or another. Make sure you breast feed but don’t do it in public. You can be tired but keep going. You should be snapped back in 3-6 weeks but don’t compare yourself to other women. Feed the family organic and vegan and gluten-free because everything causes cancer. Lastly, don’t look like you’ve let yourself go, but don’t look too sultry or sexy.

Can we just live and be mane?!?! And if that includes a little sexy then it just does.  We should not be shamed for how we look! For some reason, people think women should just lose all of themselves once they have children. Call me crazy, but no. I hated when people looked me up and down after ladybug was born and people are still talking about how I look 18 months later.  *insert eyeroll* Now, there is a certain level of sacrifice that comes along with being a mom, but it doesn’t replace ME entirely.  Why am I expected to morph into some ‘Plain Jane’ just because I had children? I was poppin’ before.  Why shouldn’t I still pop after???

So that brings me to the question: Should moms be sexy? Hells yeah! Why can’t we??? Now, I’m very well aware that the definition of sexy is in the eye of the beholder. So let me give you mine. Sexy is an attitude. It’s that je ne sais quoi that sometimes translates outwardly in the way of clothing, makeup, shoes, etc. For me, sexy does not equal naked or scantily clad, so one can be sexy and covered up. Again, it’s the attitude not Kim K.

Also, in my opinion, there is definitely a line of demarcation between sexy and raunchy, doing too much and trying too hard. Our society sexes everything up, and it’s not always appropriate. So I’m all for that grown ass woman type of sexy.  The kind that may show a little peek, but still leaves a little mystery.  Plus, I believe in giving the hubs/bae/significant other a healthy dose of “Damn, Baby!” to keep the fire going. If that’s showing a little cleavage, do it! If that’s adding a little lace, add it. If that’s a freak ’em dress, go for it! If that’s sky high stilettos, werk it mama!

The point is, you have the title of mom/mother, but your identity doesn’t have to be lost. You’re still a vibrant, sassy (some of us have a little too much), confident, lively woman who happens to have children. Our hemlines don’t have to touch the ground. And Lord knows the mom starter kit doesn’t ONLY include oversized tee shirts, yoga pants, and top knots. Let that hair down girl! Put on those jeans that make the peach look magically delicious. Find your sexy and let it out, mama. Besides, that’s how we became moms in the first place! *Sexual chocolate. Drops mic. Twirls off stage*

Photos :: Kim Thomas

Skirt : H&M (similar) | Bralette : Victoria’s Secret (similar) (similar) | Shoes : Vince Camuto (old) | Sunnies : Quay Australia

According to Q, moms have enough battles to fight and how we look shouldn’t be one of them.  Find whatever makes you feel confident, beautiful, and sexy and OWN IT!! You’re a mom, but you’re not dead! Okurrrrr!

Cheers to all of the sexy mamas!



  1. Nev Jax
    June 12, 2019 / 1:10 pm

    Preach!! It’s hard out here for a Mama! You make it look easy though honey! 😘

    • Quaneshia
      June 12, 2019 / 1:45 pm

      I’m trying to hold it down! Lol

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