My 41st Year | A Photo Journey


It’s a QUEEN’s birthday today!!! I don’t know about you, but when a new birthday approaches, I look at it as a new year of sorts.  My own personal new year!! I become reflective and look back over the year.  The fun I’ve had.  The goals I’ve accomplished.  The things I need to work on.  The highs.  The lows.  You know, the same thing most people do when a new calendar year rolls around.  This year, those reflections took me back through some photos.  I scrolled  through my 41st year month by month. And I must say, I enjoyed the walk down memory lane.  So much so, I decided to share them with you.  41 was filled with fun travel, lots of music, my ladybug and luvbug growing and thriving, family & friends, new experiences, a lot of firsts, and tons of shenanigans.  It has been a really great year and I’m looking forward to more greatness, more new things, more firsts, and more living, laughing, and loving in chapter 42.

AUG 2018

  • OTR Tour Nashville (My sis and b-law put on an amazing concert! It was THE BEST HANDS DOWN!)
  • First time getting lemonade braids (I loved them!)
  • First Diner en Blanc (I had an awesome time.  See full post HERE)

SEPT 2018

  • Ladybug turned 9 months
  • Tamia Concert (she’s one of my faves; I styled a sequin blazer with jeans and chucks and loved it!)

OCT 2018

  • My luvbug turned 16!!
  • We took a family cruise to The Bahamas to celebrate.
  • I (along with the whole city of Memphis) became excited about Memphis basketball again.
  • My 2nd Wine on the River (funnnnnn!)
  • Ladybug’s first Halloween dress up

NOV 2018

  • First Friendsgiving
  • Experienced the great Anita Baker in concert
  • Another championship for my luvbug (#bballmom)

DEC 2018

  • Ladybug’s 1st Birthday
  • Ladybug’s first real Christmas
  • Last Styling Session with Banana Republic Factory

JAN 2019

  • J13 (y’all get it every year!)
  • A small’s bday (and I think I really started tapping into my inner haute mama status)
  • Luvbug is still playing (#bballmom life is still going)
  • My stylist decided to have a little fun with color.
  • Saints still playing too (and I’m still reppin’)
  • Talls & Smalls slayed our friend’s 40th bday party (we slayed in lace!)

FEB 2019

  • Really loved my hair! We had some good days this month.
  • Ladybug’s first Valentine’s Day

MAR 2019

  • Blog Relaunch
  • Attempted my first twistout (and lovvveeeed it!)
  • Loved on my little loves a lot!
  • Attended Young Arts Contemporary weekend and met my play cousin Shavonda,

APR 2019

  • 80s party
  • Memphis Fashion Week (y’all remember the kimono turned wrap top situation?)
  • Mother’s Day Shoot with my little loves
  • Ledybug’s first real Easter
  • Luvbug got his 1st sports letter and was in the 3.0 GPA club
  • Luvbug made a Nike Sponsored Team (proud #bballmom moment)
  • Started wearing waistbeads (see post HERE)

MAY 2019

  • GOT facial
  • First time as a panelist
  • Featured in a digital magazine
  • First time Memphis In May Music Festival attendee

JUN 2019

  • Made a hair heart with Carmeon
  • First time as a guest on the TV show – 901 Health Tips
  • First time as a guest on a podcast
  • Tried Crossfit for the first time
  • Was a lady in red for the URBN Tea Party

JUL 2019

  • Made Mexican corn for the first time
  • AXE throwing
  • Costa Rica (see full recap HERE)
  • Saw Hamilton : The Musical (It was AMAZING! Review coming soon)


Happy New Year to me!!! And thank you for coming along for the ride! Cheers to 42!!!




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      August 20, 2019 / 12:20 pm

      I did!! Thank you!!

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