Good Read | Black Girls Must Die Exhausted


If the title alone doesn’t grab your attention and invite you in, the warmth, laughter, and relatability will.  In Jayne Allen’s debut novel, she tackled so many real issues from self-love, friendship, family issues, romantic relationships, womanhood, workplace drama, racism…y’all everything!  The main character, Tabitha, is a young urban professional named after her white grandmother trying to live her best life until life gets in the way.  Ms. Allen paints a beautiful picture of Tabitha in a “coming of age” of sorts, as she takes us through Tabitha’s fight in her professional world to her GNOs with her best girlfriends through her relationship uncertainty with Marc, her “paper-perfect” beau and we even go along with her as she received the most devastating news of her life, twice.  I really connected with the character on her road to self-discovery and by the end, I truly understood how some black girls must really die exhausted.  This book gets 4.5 stilettos but only because I wanted more from the ending.  Good thing, there’s a sequel that I’ll definitely be reading.  

Will you be adding this one to your bookshelf?



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