Winc Wine Delivery

First, there was food delivery.  Then there was grocery delivery.  Now there’s wine delivery! Yes, wine delivered to your front door! When the folks at reached out to me, I had just three words…SIGN ME UP!  I’m no connoisseur, but for a wine lover like me, this is the best thing since sliced bread and the electric wine opener.


So about Winc and this amazing delivery service.  First, I took a quiz to see how sophisticated my palate is (HA!)  Then they suggested wines to match my palate and I chose 4 to be delivered.   I chose wines that were all vegan.  Why?  Most of us know the importance of eating high-quality, minimally processed foods to avoid chemical additives and pesticides.  I try to closely monitor this (the goal is none), but until recently, I haven’t really thought about it with wines.  I love that Winc gave me the option of choosing vegan wines that match my palette from vineyards all over the world.  More on vegan vs. regular wines later.

Let’s talk about the ones I chose.  I chose 2 reds, a rosè, and a bubbly.  All delivered to my front door.  The Rose’ is from California.  The chillable red blend is from France and I can’t wait to taste that one!  Anything French instantly makes me feel fancy.  My fave, Cabernet Sauvignon, is from Argentina. That will be a first for me.  And finally, the sparkling white from California is going to be perfect for any celebratory occasion.  Maybe I’ll save that one for New Year’s Eve.

It’s a super easy process and convenient is an understatement!  How can you be down?? I’m glad you asked.  Simply click HERE to get started AND to get an amazing discount. By using the link, you’ll get 4 bottles of wine for less than $40 with complimentary shipping.  Tell them I sent ya!

winc-wine-10Winc-Wine-11winc-wine-14winc-wine-16Photos :: Kim Thomas

Denim : JCrew | Top : Zara | Shoes : Louise et Cie | Earrings : JCrew

According to Q, Winc Wine Delivery is perfect for the busy mom, home body, or for anyone who loves the customization, convenience, and the luxurious feeling of having a concierge-like service at your fingertips.  Don’t forget to get your discount (4 bottles for $22 off with complimentary shipping) HERE!

Cheers to all things wine!

This post is sponsored by Winc, but all opinions are 100% my own.  Thanks for helping me to support the brands/products I love. #winc #sponsoredpost