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I’m not sure who told “them” that the beauty industry wasn’t essential, but I demand a recount/retrial/redo/whatever. Who doesn’t love the feeling of a fresh shampoo and style or manicure with bomb nail art or that lash fill-in that makes your eyes pop? I think the fellas are recognizing who essential barbers are now too. While us ladies deem those services very necessary, it’s also essential that we know how to care for our beauty needs at home.  Let’s start with skin.  I know we aren’t estheticians, but we all can make sure we know the basics of keeping our skin glowing.  And listen sis, there is more to it than simply washing your face.  Most of you know this already, but if you don’t know where to start, I’ve got all of the deets.


Any dermatologist will tell that knowing your skin type is important when choosing the products your skin needs.  The type of skin depends on the balance of oil and water in the skin.  Less water = more dry. More oil=oily, acne prone skin. The wrong products can be ineffective and lead to other skin problems, breakouts, etc.  I have combination skin that is normal on the top half of my face, but dry on the bottom half and in my T-zone.  I also want to make sure I keep this skin soft and supple for as long as possible (this caramel complexion isn’t cracking any time soon if I can help it), so I tend to gravitate towards products that moisturize and brighten as well as those that target fine lines and wrinkles.



THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT CAN HELP MAKE YOUR SKIN POP IS WATER! LOTS OF IT! Whew! I had to get that out.  Some of you have actually uttered the words, I don’t like water, and I can’t think of anything more blasphemous.  Drinking lots of water will do wonders for your skin and body in general.  Drink up! No matter what your skin type is, a daily skin care routine can help you maintain overall skin health and improve specific concerns like acne, scarring, and dark spots. A daily skin care routine in the morning and before bed works wonders.






Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. Protect.

Here’s what you need daily: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen.  Yes, sunscreen.  And not just in the summertime.  365! Sunscreen not only protects the skin from harmful sun rays, but daily use can significantly improve the health and texture of skin.  Cleansers do just that, cleanse. Before moisturizing a toner helps to remove excess dirt, traces of oil and makeup, correct and balance the pH of your skin. They basically finish the cleaning the skin. The serum should come next and should also be skin specific.  A serum is very concentrated and full of anti-aging ingredients, antioxidants, peptides, and skin brighteners.  You definitely want to choose a serum based on your skin type.  And of course, moisturize because moisture is essential for luminous, elastic skin.





Scrub. Mask. Tool.

It has been suggested to use a scrub to exfoliate at least twice weekly.  Exfoliation is very important for cell turnover and to remove those dead skin cells blocking your glow.  Mask after a scrub and you’ll be in heaven.  Masks have multiple benefits and come in many different formulas.   Using a mask weekly helps purge impurities, refine pores, increase elasticity, improve texture, and many other miracles.  There are clay masks, mud masks, sheet masks, overnight masks, all the masks. I like to apply some of the messier masks with an old makeup brush.  

Now, let’s talk tools.  Jade facial rollers, massagers, and gua sha stones, oh my! I use these at least once a week or more depending on how much time I have. The purpose: relieve tension, boost circulation, reduce wrinkles, lift and de-puff the skin. I usually use my tools after I apply serum to really work the product into the skin and get the maximum in benefits. These tools can be found everywhere from Amazon to TJMaxx.



Revive. Refresh. Maintain.

Some would recommend monthly services outside of the home like facials and derma planing to help refresh the skin.  I personally splurge on my facial about every 3 months, but I give myself a full out home facial at least once a month.  I still need to invest in a facial steamer and then I’ll really feel like I’m at the spa.



I would highly recommend the products from the company, Acure. They’re 100% vegan, cruelty free, and super affordable.  I’ve tried several different products from this company, but the Brightening line is my favorite.  You can find them in Ulta and they have several little mini-lines to fit your specific skin care needs.


Do you have a skincare regimen in place? What are some of your favorite products?



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