Date Night | Quarantine Edition





No restaurants.  No movie theaters.  No bowling.  No live music.  No dancing. Date nights as we know them have changed.  We’ve had to be quite creative to keep the party going on Friday and Saturday nights.  Since we can’t go out, we’ve had to find a way to to bring all the things we love doing outside, home.  Quality time and romance in the living room, dining room, and patio have become the new normal.  

Staying connected and dating your mate while sheltering in place can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible.  We’ve gotten so accustomed to going out that being in has made us forget about our creativity.   Instead of being tired of looking at each other, let’s take it back to the basics.  Even with the stay at home order being lifted and outside “opening back up”, we might want to keep a few of these going for good times sake.




Scrabble.  Uno.  Dominos.  Speed.  Gin Rummy (you gotta be old school to know about the last two). Whatever your pleasure is, get it started and add a few interesting stakes to winning and losing.  Monopoly can go on for hours but that’s another one.  


Put the phone down and amp up the intimacy with a Q&A session using cards from Skin Deep.  These cards go below the surface. Wayyyy below the surface. There are some serious questions, some are funny, and some questions are really things that make you go hmmm.  Use this time to rediscover all of the things you love about bae (and it may be a reminder of the fact that God is yet working on your grace-giving skills).  These cards will have you engaged in conversation for HOURS!! Add a little wine and things could get very interesting in the best way possible!


Get dressed up.  Cook or have dinner catered from your fave restaurant.  Head to the dining room (that is rarely used).  Add some candles, music (make a playlist of favorite songs that you both love), and good conversation, and voila, a romantic evening at home.  Fellas, you get extra points by surprising her at the front door with flowers, you know, like a real date (seems like that’s a lost art these days).   And even strategically play some songs that will make you want to slow dance.  I’m telling you the sparks will FLY!  Thank me later. 


Pick an artist and go head to head by with each other picking your favorite songs from the artist or group.  I’m sure there’ll be plenty of laughs and debates.  You could probably tune into IG and check out a real music battle (those have been pretty dope if you don’t count Babyface vs Teddy Riley) or even join Club Quarantine with DNice and tons of other DJs.  Pick your fave appetizers and add some libations and really make it a thing!  It’s a private party!



This outfit? Yeah, it was what I wore on the last date night before everything shut down.  We went to the Jill Scott concert.  It was the 20th anniversary of her first album and it was amazing.  We grabbed a bite at Majestic Grill, where I fell in love with my now favorite wine (Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon).  It was a fairly warm spring night, perfect weather for a date with a little stroll down Main Street.

I wanted to be warm, but kind of sexy (you know how I feel about off the shoulder looks and date nights), and this little 2-piece fit the bill quite nicely.  Add some silver, big hair, and his favorite perfume and she reaadddyyyy!

img_3052_facetune_12-05-2020-04-20-35Photos :: Kim Thomas

Set : Amazon (available now on SheIn) | Shoes : Manolo Blahnik (old)| Clutch : Kate Spade (old) | Lip : Missy Russell Beauty (color : Unapologetic) 

Have you done anything fun and creative for date nights during the quarantine?  


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