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For the last few months, celebrations and weekending have been very different.  We’ve had to get pretty creative but one of the pastimes that is tried and true, even through a pandemic, is the picnic. Whether you put your blanket down in a park or in the backyard or even in the middle of the living room, a picnic is a great way to relax, relate, and release.  You can add a touch of romance with HusBae, or you can grab a few girlfriends and have a socially distant picnic soiree.  Like I did a couple of weeks ago.

We were hosted by our fave Karleen Roy on what turned out to be a beautiful evening with a nice breeze and all of my blogger friends.  We listened to music, played a game, and had some girl chat. It was great, but they were on me about my set up because when I picnics, I picnics. It’s all or none for me. Listen, if the pandemic wasn’t our reality and life was normal, I’d be packing my picnic basket for outdoor concerts on a monthly basis.  So, this was the perfect chance to get my fix.  I have a few things that I will always have in tow when putting my blanket down and I thought I’d share them with you.  Sunscreen and bug repellant are a given so let’s move right on along.





Convenient to carry and easy to keep chilled, wine in a can is the new way to enjoy it without the fuss of corkscrews and such. When the folks over at Union Wine Co. wanted me to try their new summer wine blends, I said sign me up! And they did not disappoint!

The makers of Underwood Wines believe “the contents are more important than the container; that good wine should be able to go anywhere.” The Riesling Radler, combining Oregan Riesling with grapefruit, was easily my favorite. The Strawberry Cooler had a Pinot noir base and was also pretty good. Check out the website HERE to purchase by the flat or by four pack or try to find them in your area using the wine locator HERE.  Wine in a can is perfect for picnics! Trust me on this!


I’ve found that a rolling cooler is essential to any picnic or outdoor situation. Key word: rolling.  Great for housing all of the libations and nibbles.  Easy finger foods are always in my cooler.  One of my go-to things to pack is a quick and simple sausage and cheese plate.  Chicken salad also fits the bill nicely as well.  Of course, there is fresh fruit in abundance.  Grapes, strawberries, melons, and sweet cherries are my faves.  You can also make the cooler a table top if needed!  I prefer a girly, chic cooler over the Yetis of the world, but they all serve the same purpose.  The one I have now was gifted by my mom.  It’s a black and white print and super spacious.  The wheels are rather iffy though.  Anyways, thanks mom!


This one is mostly for aesthetics.  Yes, it carries all of the utensils, plates, and such, but I also use it for games and flowers.  Flowers add some pretty to the picnic and of course, the games add the fun.  Also grab a portable speaker for the tunes.  It also can hold the blanket.  I have one that folds into a pouch and has a strap for easily carrying purposes (like THIS one |THIS ONE is really cool!)




This is probably the most essential of my picnic essentials.  I like this for the look of it, but also because it keeps the food off of the ground.  This particular tray is simply a breakfast in bed tray (breakfast tray is the technical name).  It’s easy to transport and provides a hard, stable surface for food and drinks without worrying about critters and whatnot.  I used to own THIS cool ass table, but I have no IDEA where it walked off to.  Replacing it ASAP! Get you a Breakfast Tray in white or a super Chic one in Black/Dark Expresso.  This will change your picnic life so much, you won’t ever put down the blanket without it.

_MG_9157Photos :: Kim Thomas

Dress : Target (old) | Hat : Target (old) | Sunnies : Tom Ford | Bag : Random Boutique

According to Q, picnics are a great summer pastime, but if you’re gonna do, DO IT!!! Have all of your essentials and make it a grand affair.  Even if it’s in your own backyard! This even works for outdoor concerts!!! Gosh I miss those Levitt Shell days (It’s a Memphis thing)!

What are your picnic essentials? Did I miss anything?


This post is partially sponsored by Union Wine Compay. but all opinions are 100% my own.  Thank you so much for supporting the fantastic brands that support me!





  1. Twyla
    July 11, 2020 / 10:57 am

    Great post!! I’ve never been on a picnic before but it’s on my list!! I’m busy gathering the essentials you named because I certainly want a fabulous experience. Also you look great in your pictures as always!!

    • Quaneshia
      July 11, 2020 / 11:00 am

      Thank you!’ Get all the things and I promise it’ll be a blast!

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