Faves : March 2019


MARCH.  The month where winter ends and spring begins.  Daylight savings time signifies longer days of sunshine and we all rejoice!  The past 30 days have been full of spring anticipation for me and these are a few things I’ve been crushing on during this month.


CLEAR FRAMES :: I know I’m pretty much tardy for the party on these, but I’m here now.  I was on the fence when I purchased them because I wondered if they were too trendy.  I took a poll on IG and they said go for it, and I have rocked them hard all month.  It helps that I get compliments on them quite a bit, so I think I can start looking for the pair I really want now.


MAHOGANY COCONUT CANDLE :: Candles in my home are an absolute must and this  scent was in a recent Bath & Body Works candle haul.  And now I’m on my 2nd, almost 3rd one.  This scent is perfect for a living room and the bedroom.  The scent throw is amazing!  After only a few minutes, your whole house smells super inviting.  Get your own HERE.



SWEET WALTER WINE :: I’ll have to be honest and admit that I was supposed to give up wine for Lent, but it’s a March favorite so yeah, no.  So now that I’ve confessed, let me tell you how good this wine is.   1.  It’s a sweet red, which I’ve been craving more than my usual drier cabernet.  2.  It’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg!!! I’m getting my reds (sweet and not so) in before it’s time to switch it up to Rose’ and sip sip hooray to a refreshing summer!

Which favorites might you try?